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you wouldn't need an air feed as the ground itself that surrounds the pyramid will feed air down to the surface of
the ground water,

Evanescence Fallen is over. Right now I'm gonna go with Megadeth Peace Sells.

Seems to me I've went over this already, seems to me I've made an image...

paul, if I have to splain that image, if I have to craft new images to splain that image, I Mutha f'ing guarentee you are gonna look like a dumbazz.

This is plumbing. Marchimedes does not splain plumbing.


All change, Metallica Load.


Poeple, I done proved just how friggin smart I am long time ago, just how far outside of the box I think. This thread long ago went far past how smart I am. When I am not named Marchimedes my prefered screen name is teacher. I'm not here to kick your teeth in or prove how smart I am or how stupid you are. So you are not as smart as I am. Cry me a river. Know what sucks for me? I don't get to find anyone more smarterer than me and follow that guy around asking him questions.

What ya'll unwashed masses should be doing is picking my brain. I only have so much time on this, God's Green Earth. Maybe, just maybe, one of you idiots will come up with sumpin I ain't considered that I deem worthy and will lose sleep over.

I am smarter than the sum lot of you.

My ingelligence is a human resource that I can bank. I can cash out on pyramids or the universe right this friggin second.

Tell me I can't. Tell me I don't have the gift of gab. Tell me I can't dominate whatever site I choose to land on. Tell me I don't have the numbers. I'm a flake, man. I give fresh for free.

No one can asail my intent. I ask or nuttin but views.

For me to fail in my long term plan I'm gonna have to drop dead.

This is a science thread that I started about the universe. I'm presently busy with the moving and stacking of blocks.

I haven't gone large about the universe longtime. I see infinate space in my skull, my minds eye, easy like. The drawing of moving and stacking of heavy blocks, after all the years of thought, is just a well run job site.


See what I said about going on and on?
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?