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I figured out how the pyramids could have been built. I worked for a decade moving and installing things like safes, vault doors, safe deposit boxes...

for a company so cheap we didn't even have a fork lift. I got real good at moving heavy, often with only the tools the Ancient Egyptians had at hand. All I've done is take that experience and apply it to building pyramids. Most everything I'm trying to show you now I've done. A friggin lot of times. This is not theory.

I wonder how many of you really know what heavy is. I know very well what a ton sitting on the ground takes to pick up and move. I know what 5,000 lbs. feels like. My reord is a 12,000 ol. vault door. Me and another skinny dude, between the two of use we weighed 340 lbs., moved, raised, installed and leveled it.

I've watched 5,000 lb capacity pallet jacks get crushed. I've seen cement floors crack. Grade 8 hardware break. I've bent solid steel levers. I appreciate the discusion in this thread but I question ya'lls understanding on just how heavy this stuff is and what it takes to move it. There is no substitute to gettin your hands dirty, sure, it all looks good on paper but the only time I used paper was to engineer sumpin I built to deal with this heavy stuff. Also, this is dangerous bidness. There are all kinds of procedures to observe, number one is to always assume sumpin is gonna fail and if it does you have nuttin under the weight and it's also a pretty good idea having planned before hand where you are gonna run to or hide.

Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying all this to no end but at times I just have to shake my head. We are still arguing about the wheel. There are axles and bearings to consider.

I also have my own take on beasts of burden...

What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?