Lettuce get right to it:

Man, this is aggravating, busting these drawings up. But I endure this pain for ya'll. It's just the kinda guy I am.

So ya'll gots my first original idea, the step theory, this is the next and plenty more fresh stuff to come. Way I understand it the quarry from which most the pyramid blocks were gotten is only some 500 yards away. I read that. Could be wrong but I've seen TV shows where that looks about correct. Not a big deal. While we at it, a prevalent theory is that the Egyptians used a big ramp to get blocks up on the pyramid. Not fond of that, first of all the ramp would contain more material than the pyramid. Second is that the ramp would extend father than the quarry where the blocks were obtained, this would mean the blocks journey would go away from the pyramid just to get to the beginning of the ramp. Third is most theories say that the blocks were dragged to the pyramid. Like I said, I moved safes for a decade. I would never drag a safe over a smooth concrete floor, let alone over sand and/or a rough surface. So I'm building a road from the quarry to the pyramid made of the blocks from the quarry. Like the drawing shows the first block outta the quarry is the first block in the road. The road is built first. The step method gets the blocks outta the quarry and up onto the rad. The step method will also be used to get the blocks up the pyramid. That is coming in detail, trust me. Really, I'm a trust worthy guy. You could give me $20 to hold, come back a week later and I'll have your $20. Probably not a good idea to do the same with a six pack of beer. Or your sister. Anyway, this leads us to my third great, original idea...

One of the reasons we know so little about how the pyramids were built is cause there's no evidence left. twiwdi makes massive use of this lack of evidence. Say there's a thousand blocks in my road there. Pyramid is almost finished, only a thousand blocks to go. First block in the road is the next block to go up onto the pyramid. Lather, rinse, repeat. Last block in the road is the last block in the pyramid. No road, no evidence of road. Se how that works?
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?