something that also has not been covered is the evidence
that the Egyptians used ropes to pull the blocks from the
quarry to the pyramids.

is there any evidence of that?

also Bill there were pyramids build after 1700 bce

Saqqara was the last major pyramid constructed during the
18th century bc

el-kurru another of the major pyramids dated 721 bc

nuri another of the major pyramids dated 664 bc

orac , what I cant understand is why they started off
so good at making pyramids during the 3rd and 4th dynasty
and then its like they lost the ability to build a decent
pyramid ever again.

like the builders left or those who were cutting and placing
the blocks left.

it seems that all of a sudden Egypt didn't have any
skilled workers to build anything that would last , the
pyramids built after the 3rd and 4th dynasty all seem to
have melted away like sticks of butter.

but seriously concerning the methods of transporting the
massive blocks to the pyramids , we know now that evidence
of wheels have been found ... there should be a massive pile
of ropes found somewhere that were used to pull the blocks.

anyone know of any evidence that shows proof that ropes were
used vs the wheel.

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