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people just don't give the Egyptians enough credit where credit is clearly due.

No people are realistic and although smart for there time the educated Egyptian elite had about the knowledge of a low level school student today.

As simple as some things are that people suggest the Egyptians could have done there is simply no evidence such things ever crossed there minds. Your simple involves centuries of science which was taught to you when you were a child.

There simply is no evidence such a device above ever existed. As simple as it is there is technology behind that is centuries away and the Egyptians show no evidence of having understood it.

Using your romantic idea on how we should view Egyptians. These guys had the wheel so why don't we just say they built big carts to move the blocks. They also have beams, trusses and ropes, so why don't we say they built cranes to lift the blocks. They have glass so in theory they can build a laser. So there you have the answer the Egyptians moved the blocks on big carts, craned them into position using laser positioning technology and that is how they built the pyramids so well .... TO EASY smile

Call me a cynic but history records the Egyptians spent a lot of time positioning some blocks for some mummified dead people and were reasonable farmers. However when they encountered the Roman empire they were completely defeated and annexed as a territory. Whatever technology they had the Romans was better. All anyone now gets to see or remember of the civilization is the positioned blocks, mummies and trinkets ... but the romance lives on.

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I believe in "Evil, Bad, Ungodly fantasy science and maths", so I am undoubtedly wrong to you.