I agree this is unproductive. and you also have some shared views that are to say the least facinating.

when it comes to logic I dont focus on theory , I focus on the here and now , the known instances , not theory.

and from those instances I build my own theory.

you cant have a can of gas without the can.

when Nikola Tesla transported energy without wires , there was still a medium for transportation.

1/2 that medium was the earth --> GROUND
1/2 was the particles in the air --> the aether as some call it.

Tesla invented the way that we transport electrical energy today , the AC alternator or generator.

yet he was ridiculed until he died.
his thoughts were not main stream either.

but every one of his thousands of patents and inventions worked.

I wouldnt think that he relied on main stream thoughts and/or theories.

I think he had an extremely , amazing , grasp on physics
and that was the foundation he used to build on.

if I had a boat only a few hundred years ago I could not go far because the main stream was that I would fall off the edge of the ocean.

11 years ago when I first participated in this forum nobody here believed that global warming was true.

nobody here believed that pressures in liquids can increase by a factor of (4) when velocity doubles if rotated as in a centrifuge.

I came here to get help from people who I thought to be smart but was opposed by ( main stream ) theory.

they were not concerned with helping , only in ridicule and the dreaded LAWS OF PHYSICS that they so heavily relied on yet didnt understand the physics itself.

it was a cheat sheet crowd more concerned with peer pressure than anything else.

now these things are ( main stream ).

all they could say is that there is no outward force in rotation.
and that it would VIOLATE the KNOWN laws of physics.

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3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.