See? Monkey. Who can resist that? That will put butts in seats right there. I love this option this site has that you can put in a subject for each post. And it shows up on the big page.

Some times it's about showmanship/sales. After all, if no one reads your thread then pretty much all you doing is practicing typing.

I'm reminded of a site long ago...

It was an alarm forum. A whole forum of folks like me talking about alarms and other low voltage stuff. Burg alarms, fire alarms, access control, CCTV... I was installing alarms in banks in the late 80's, I have game when it comes to these things. I noticed that most of the site was full of guys who couldn't be bothered with reading the installation/programming manual and it was nuttin but "how do I set zone 3 to fast response on this and that panel?" and such. The answer to every question was "read the manual." Pestered me to no end. So I started a thread, titled it "free beer and naked pictures." Got 50 views in 15 minutes. Of course for my OP I went on and on and on about how if folks would just read the manual they would be more betterer and knowledgeable alarm installers/servicers. Even threw in a few of my original tricks to make it more harderer for bad guys to defeat a system.

I was summarily banned.

Why all the inane chatter?


#1. I had to reintroduce Monkeys to the thread. Used to have lots and lots of Monkeys but ya'll don't see that now what with all the little black x's. They are all gone images. So sad. So many jokes. So much/many scientific theory/Monkeys.

#The Deuce. I'm killing time till the sun goes down. I was on the deck today pounding down nails that were sticking up and all of a sudden I was surrounded by bees. Man, I can move fast. Under the deck is a yellow jacket nest the size of a football. I should point out that one of the joys in my life is killing wasp and hornets when they venture onto my turf. I don't kill honeybees. I've a fresh can of wasp/hornet killer and a plan. I ALWAYS have a plan.

#Craps. Did ya go check post #1? "t" stands for teacher. I do well at getting read...

That's a political debate site.

Thing is if I find sumpin that seems to work I'll teach it. I ain't greedy with such things. If this/that/or the other sites does more betterer then stands to reason I'll do more betterer along with ya'll.

No, no one ever listens to my advice.

Yes, it is self serving.


The sun is kissing the horizon here in Union County, Ga. It's almost bee killing time.

I'm very excited.

And yes, I got into the beer.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?