The details of just how the Egyptians accomplished the things they did, such as building the pyramids, is still not completely clear. Some people seem to think that just because we would use some kind of modern technology to do it then the Egyptians couldn't have done it without that technology, so they had to have some secret unknown technology available. This of course is wrong. I personally have pointed out several pretty low tech ways to accomplish what they needed to do to build the pyramids. The whole thing about the Egyptians, and other ancient builders, is that they were just as smart as we are. So they just thought up ways to do it without high technology.

As far as the Egyptian work force was concerned we should recall that their farmers couldn't work on their farms for a large part of the year because the Nile flooded every year. During that period almost the whole population would have been available for manual labor. They didn't necessarily use slaves.

Bill Gill
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