So, a short break from my pyramiding.

"Oh Thank The Lord" you unwashed masses would be wagering bout now, correct?

Ya'll bout to lose that bet right quick.

What with my charming disposistion and humble personality I shall make the normal warning a tad more smallerer...

What can I say? I been here cents 2007, barring a nice banning this shall remain the same. I gots WAY more. I'm giving politics a break until the two(2) nominies are named and then I'll go friggin nuts at the political site. No, it's not MY site, I just dominate it. I actually have a site, just in case. I'm smart like that. I do so wish I could curse here, it adds flavour when interjected properly.

So where we? What is the mass of a photon? Nope, that wasn't it. Where's all this friggin so-called dark matter? Nah. Thought experiments on the speed of light? Perish the thought. Don't get me started on dark energy. What is the speed of gravity? I can go onnd on and on.

You know, Orac, I asked this site what are the speeds attained at various G forces. I got an answer. In this thread. In this thread I learned, cause I asked the correct question, what is the function of gravity over distance. Turns out it's the inverse square. But I'm just a handyman and am not so fond of writing formulas out rather than understanding them almost without thought. I needs to see/understand things in my minds eye. I think that is what paul is refering to, at times. paul has a lovely, nasty streak in him. He just ain't as good at it as I am. But I understand everything he is saying. You, Orac, said...

Originally Posted By: Orac
Guaranteed to get at least 2 or 3 more spams from that .. watch laugh

I already gave you one, this is the second. One to go. Not this post.

You also said/asked...

Originally Posted By: Orac
on this forum how can we help you?

I'd say find a flaw with my stuff but I've already thought this though. If you can find a flaw that would be rare. I'd say more where am I failing to splain things. Where are my gaps? How can I make this simpler? There's no bubbles in a water level unless you lay a water level down like an idiot.

How about a nice image?

That's funny every time.

Here's the image...

If you, Orac, can't get the bubble out of that water level than you gots no bidness buttering toast.

Orac, I am a scientist, inventer, handyman, red neck engineer, physicist, blue collar genius, idiot savant, whack job, flake, carpenter, mechanic, electrician, plumber, nail pounder, you friggin name it.

What ever problem you have with me you have to get over it. I don't lose. Somebody has to be the smartest man alive, turns out it's me. I prove it day in, day out. If you want to pester me on terms we'll just go to the dictionary.

So get in on this thread on the correct side. A lot of folks are reading. Be a contributer. If you catch me I'll admit it, give you credit and figure the fix. There is ALWAYS a fix. You should have seen what I did today. I had a problem. I couldn't fix it right that second. But then I went back to me, told myself, "there is ALWAYS a fix." I had to THINK for a few minutes, and then, with some work, the problem was solved. So what was that? Science? Engineer? Inventer? I'd call it stuborn. I'm not gonna bandy terms in this, my thread. It don't get Jack done.

Tonight I gave a possible solution to an ELE Le Rock.

You ever seen that one before? Should we now debate the term of what it is exactly was I did there? I'd rather see, given enough time, why that wouldn't work.

But then you have to entertain. If one posts volumously with no one reading then all one is doing is practicing typing.

You gots to put butts in seats, man.

So, as I announced, I'm taking a break from politics and that's why ya'll poor miserable sots have to put up with my convoluted ramblings.

Le Mimeapult. I spent some time on that drawing. You, Orac, I'm betting, have never put the ammount of time into any single post that I did into that post. My preffered screen name is teacher. I do my homework. I went and did some checking up on you. I didn't see one original idea by you. I saw lots of "this guy said" and "that guy said."

It's one thing, Orac, to put someone elses butt on the line. Quite another to proffer, as I do, day in and day out, my own butt out there.


I do believe, Ms. Rose II, that I stayed within the rules. I have not seen any rule that states that I can not destroy another member. I look foward to your continued scrutiny.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?