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I think your sister should get well soon because you had
the faith to ask for others to pray.

Can't prove that, but I'll take it any day, the kid is doing fine, full recovery so far.

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Granted; best intentions and prayers are coming your way. Good luck to you and all. Eighteen hours/day of rehab. is a goal to work towards. Hope you have that opportunity! Good going on the 100k too. Keep on.... ~SA

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

(observes minimum necessary time before reverting back to usual humble polite self)

Well lookie there, actual mention of my wonderful accomplishments, the 100k view mark. Why thank you samwik.

See, it won't crash the server to come out and tell me good job.

Ah, a problem perhaps with the theory of relativity as I understand it.

So as you approach the speed of light time slows down for the traveler. The way I've read it any object or person at speed has time pass slower than a stationary object of person.

For instance, two men born at the exact same time, slated to live for the same amount of time exactly...

One is a Concord pilot of many years, the other a snail herder, the snail herder is gonna die first.

Now I understand that this phenomena has been so-called proven, with clocks on space ships and what not. I still don't get it.

Say I get in my spaceship, The USS Blowme, and take off at c, the speed of light, and travel for 1 year. I should have traveled one light year. For you here on Earth the theory of relativity states that a greater amount of time has passed, lettuce call it 10 years.

From your perspective I should have traveled 10 light years.

But in the USS Blowme I've only went 1 light year.

Or does your time apply to me and I've traveled 10 light years? In one year, which would make my speed 10c? Which means I've passed the universal speed limit of c.

See what I'm getting at here?

Has this paradox been addressed by the the so-called scientists?

The way I look at this there is a major flaw in the theory of relativity.

What gives?
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?