the Egyptians did have the wheel ... duhhh.


cant even find a postable image anymore and with all the frickin marketing crap and the 500 tcp connections to my computer and my processor running at over 100% its almost impossible to even use the frickin internet at all.
I remember back in the 1980's and using a a 9Kb internet connection the browsing was lightning fast compared to the crappy assed browsing experience that the marketers have given us today.

my current connection speed = 8,000,000 bits/second
my 1980's connection speed = 9,000 bits / second

I had to program my own program in order to watch a
Netflix video because of all the marketing companies
and fartsniffers in general.
and the movies were constantly stalling and stopping from
all the processor and memory usage and data sending from the

my 8Mb was maxed out using a regular browser.

now when I watch a Netflix movie using the program I had
to make I have only 10 tcp connections vs the 200 or so
using a regular browser and now a Netflix
movie requires a mere 0.75 Mb bandwidth ...

no more stalling , no more skipping around waiting for
the thieves to back off of the bandwidth so that
more of the movie can download.

not only do I write down the companies that pop up as I
browse so that I can have a reference to which products
I will never buy again but I also intend to start a
class action law suite to recoup my cost for the excess
electricity and bandwidth that these thieves are stealing every time I get on the internet.

in fact I think I will develop a program that detects the
companies involved using the tcp addresses of these thieves
and track the electricity and cpu and bandwidth consumption
that each company is stealing from me , and those desiring to participate in the law suit can download and install the program that reports the theft in real time and monitors
the amounts of monetary loss that each participant is
subjected to.

after all you do need some type of evidence to prove
that a theft has occurred.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.