I keep saying: There is no reason to postulate some wonderful forgotten technological achievement to explain the building of the pyramids. They could have done it with the technology that we know they did have.

I agree that they could have done it with the technology that
they did have.

the ancient Egyptians had cattle and oxen.

this page says that oxen were used as working animals.

and has pictures of cattle and oxen --> PULLING <--- stuff.

and they had hordes of cattle , so the only way that they
would use man power to pull blocks would be if they didnt
have working animals strong enough to pull the blocks.

Some of the desert Neolithic rock art and later Egyptian tomb scenes reveal interesting clues to the development of cattle breeds after their initial introduction. The most ancient rock art depicts cattle with long horns, including a lyri-form and a type with horns pointed forward. However, short horned and polled cattle appear more frequently in later tomb scenes, with the polled being more common than the short-horned cattle. It would seem that the long-horned cattle (ngiw), on the basis of artistic representations, were the oldest domestic cattle bred in Egypt. They were used both in religious sacrifices and for their meat, and long horned castrated (oxen) appear to have been working animals of choice.

Read more: http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/cattle.htm#ixzz3ygnStXW5


knowing that they did have animals to pull ropes or wheeled
vehicles and they were already in use pulling plows and possibly other stuff it is really hard to imagine people
pulling on ropes to move the blocks much like it is hard
to imagine people today walking to work even though they
have a car sitting in their driveway gassed up and
ready to go.

only pure ignorance could deliver that type of thought
on how the blocks were moved.

and they don't look ignorant to me at all judging from
their accomplishments in fact I cant think of any other
ancient civilization that would come close to their intelligence.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.