paul, if I have to splain that image, if I have to craft new images to splain that image, I Mutha f'ing guarentee you are gonna look like a dumbazz.

This is plumbing. Marchimedes does not splain plumbing.

the image that you posted had a air feed depicted
on it that fed directly to the well casing.

if you do that to a well casing then the pump or vacuum
will suck the air from the air feed and you never will
pump any water.

why would you need a air feed in the first place
when the water source in the well is obviously
ground water that already has a natural air feed
through the ground permeation of rain water and local
sources of permeation from nearby rivers and streams.

I was simply pointing out that a air feed would not be
needed since the water well is already there along with
water in the well.

perhaps you should have drawn another line and labeled it
as the natural water table level vs the line drawn
directly to the well casing.

a well casing is much like a drinking straw.
they don't work very well with holes in them.

if you feel a need to make another drawing to attempt to
make me look like a dumbass then that's fine by me but
many have tried to accomplish that feat and all have failed.
3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.