suppose I was in a room and in an adjacent room I heard a noise.

I get up and look in the adjacent room and there is a picture on the floor.

imediately I ASSUME that it just fell off of the wall.

because I didnt see it fall.

after close examination of the nail in the wall and the wire that is used to hang the picture on the nail I find that my initial ASSUMPTION was in error.

the nail was not bent in a way as to allow the wire to slip off and cause the picture to fall.

the wire was still attached.

so it must have fallen off some other way.

but I dont have a clue as to why it fell off.


everything I have ever known tells me that the picture could not have just fell off the wall.

but I see it on the floor.

Scientific Method: says the picture is still there on the wall.

Pseudoscientific method : says the picture could have fallen off when all the matter was converted into energy.

I awoke from my dream and sure enough the picture is still on the wall.

you can do many things with science but you cannot create anything nor can you destroy anything.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.