So we are pondering wheeels, axles, bearings, tracks, carts and what not to move blocks on. Take this drawing...

Imagine instead of switchback stairs they are swichback ramps. rails, turntables, whatever. I imagined this over a decade ago.

A problem or two I have with this idea. There's always a direct downhill. Sumpin gets outta hand it's carnage below. There must always be a safety brake. I learned this moving heavy stuff for a living.

Remember my safety briefing long ago?

Oh yea, we have to load blocks onto carts and unload them. I can do this easy. Thing is, there's some 2.3 million of the average blocks that make up the pyramid. That's 4.6 extra million steps to take.

Ya'll so friggin smart, show us how to load then unload a block safely.

That's right, it's all fun and games until you have to think.


Okay, I think we are here. Drawing time. I'm gonna need a short break, I should probably make an Iowa statement on my political site and there's always some malcontent to deal with, dontchya know Ms. Rose II?
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?