And now this crap library PC is toast.

Not reading my CD. All good, it's all on my little electronic device also.

But I grow bored watching those little green squares not add up to the right any more.

I gots better stuff to do, being as I'm a busy and impotent man.

I have another dozen or so images for pyramids, probably more.

Here's what I want...

As this goes foward, don't ask me about this or that guy's theory, I can destroy them ALL. I'm never gonna spend any time on that, cause mine is better. As you will see. Tell me where I'm wrong, or where you THINK I'm wrong. Have it solid before you do so. Intelligent questions? Ask away. I'll answer. That hasn't happened yet, as I'm gettin real good at splainin this thing Lucy.

Here's how it came to be.

I used to move safes for a company so cheap we didn't even have a forklift. Turns out I was moving tons with the same thing the Egyptians had, rollers and levers baby. Did it for a decade. Any thing I say i can do with a weight, I've allready done, don't make the mistake of telling me it can't be done. it was my job for a long time. All I've done is take every day methods and apply them to the pyramids.

Little thing I came up with long ago...

Who is better at building a log cabin?

A bifocaled, accredited, tenured, tweed jacketed with leather elbow patches, pipe smoking, Oxford professor...


a guy in the woods with an axe that needs a place to live for the coming winter?

Blue collar stand up now.

Folks, this deal is done.

I've been on this deal for over 5 years now. I've wrote everyone. i get PHD's write me back and they get all snarky. Then I destroy them.

I am not very fond of acedamia. They are protecting their cash cow and I ain't friggin one of them.

You'll see.

And, nerds, for the love of God, look around would ya, 30k views and so far no one has presented a hole in my universe theory, yet it is still gettin read. This is gonna be buku more of the same, more so even. Have some fun, would ya. I am. Learning CAN be fun, maybe it takes a nut to make it so. I SO got that covered.

When we done with this, I'm gonna show you how to raise an obelisk. Maybe you should get up to speed at the PBS site on the three times they have tried. But then they didn't actually have a guy that had moved heavy stuff around there.

This is gonna be ugly, it's gonna be irreverent, it's gonna be spelled badly.

No matter, tell me where my heavy stuff moving methods are wrong.

You can't, cause I've done them, and I'm not flat.

And one more thing, the guy that is me, with the "t" on the chest, that stands for my normal screen name, teacher, which was taken here, call me teacher instead of Marchimedes, or call me late for diner, really don't matter, cause I'm correct.

See ya soon.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?