to allow you a way out of your BIG BANG theory.

suppossing that this universe will collapse in on istelf at some point in the future.

everything will move toward one point in this universe.
as the matter in the center gathers , heat will result due to the pressures of gravity.

the heat will try to expand the matter closer to the center.

however because the other matter that is gathering is pushing inwards it cannot expand.

the heat causes the inner matters energy to transfer to the outer matter.

( heat moves from hot to cold )

the inner matter shrinks with every release of energy however it weighs the same ( retains its mass ).

more matter piles in on the center and this keeps occuring.

when all the matter has gathered at the center then
soon the matter at the verry center begins to expell energy that can pass through the outer matter.

the ball continues to shrink.
and continues to expell energy.

after all the releasible energy has been released.
and the matter is in its smallest configuration.

then a moment of stillness occurs.

the mass cools.

the energy is swirling in a caotic manner around the mass.

the energy begins its return.

the outer layers of the mass accept the energy , the electrons move out to a higher and higher orbit and explode with great force as the energy is passed to the electrons , the mass expands and pushes itself away.

layer after layer is ripped from the mass and ejected away from the center of the mass.

the new universe forms.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.