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I know that many archeologist would have them cutting
the solid stone using birds feathers as saws.

I've seen evidence of them using coppers saws with sand as the abrasive. I have a drwaing that I have to recraft showing such. Know that errant cut on the sargophogus? I have a theory why that is.

I think the Egyptians that built the pyramids were really smart

Necessity is the mother of invention.

I also don't think the Egyptians that resurfaced everything built the pyramids.

Lettuce see some evidence of this theroy, please.

people just don't give the Egyptians enough credit where
credit is clearly due.

What? I don't qualify as people?


Gentlemen, and I use that term loosely...


I call my theory of pyramid construction twiwdi (the way I would do it.) There is whole lot of stuff we have no evidence of the Egyptians having or using to effect. For sure there is zero evidence of animal intestines being used as a water level but then how long would animal intestines last if they weren't put into a sealed chamber of a Nobel gas or immersed in formaldihide? What I'm looking for here is any of the methods I come up with being impossible? I say I have this covered beginning to end. Yes, ya'll haven't seen it all, but how about so far? Seems to me we are working this through systematically. Seems to me we have the attention of this site. As this is a site of science what with the submission of plausible evidence we are gettin through this with the minimum level of BS. Lemme tell ya a story...

Remember this drawing... ?

That's a Walrus I chose as my beast of burden. I believe it was at a site titled "Above Top Secret." My thread title was "How to build a pyramid and the carnage that follows." One of my contentions was that the Egytians used Walrus as their beasts of burden cause Walrus work for fish and they were in the middle of a desert. I had people actually dismiss my theory cause I was using Walrus. It was bait. Give people a plausible theory, throw a bit of obvious nonsence in there and they focus on the nonsence. Human nature. Take a well thought out theory, throw in some humor and nonsence, take on all comers and next thing you know you have a half million view thread. I have this down to a science, I call it my formula. It has not failed me so I'm sticking to it but for some minor adaptations over the years. BTW, at "Above Top Secret" I announced I was gonna break their records. I got 5,000 views my first week. I obeyed the rules but was summarily banned for ever and ever, Amen. They had a vote as to who was the greatest poster. I won. But I was kicking teeth in and taking names. Apparently you can't have the new guy doing these things. I hope you people appreciate what a wonderful site you have going for you here. After all, ya'll put up with me.


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