Okay kids, it's election time and I'm terribly busy at my political forum, where I am, by the way, a lead moderator, go figure huh? Especially at a place that is named liberalforum. See, the joke is I'm not very liberal.

Anyway, it's time to pimp that site, or my thread there actually...


It's a 120k+ view thread, lagging just a little behind this thread, which is odd, but there ya go.

And don't worry, I pimp this thread/site over there...

[quote name='teacher' timestamp='1286209627' post='1832441']
And some speed of light stuff...


See? All's fair.

Anyway, it's election time and if you are a liberal you need to be abused and that is just the thread for that to get done at.

It's a public service/humanitarian kind of thing.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?