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Mind you I am still recovering from the argument I recently ran into from supporters of my former masters that I am not Homo Erectus. I am descended from a species Homo Georgicus and therefore they are allowed to hate me because I am not human. I am not entirely sure how I feel about not being human there are definitely good and bad parts of the concept. Apparently our brain size was smaller so that probably explains why it's always me that is wrong.

Well, I doubt if you are Homo Erectus. However, if you were Homo Erectus that wouldn't make much difference, because there is a very good chance that H. Erectus is descended from H. Georgicus. Georgia would probably have been a stopping point on the trek from Africa to Asia.

However, I strongly suspect that you are Homo Sapiens. H. Sapiens evolved in Africa, from the species that didn't migrate out earlier. Those earlier migrations were the parents of H. Georgicus, H. Erectus, H. Denisovas, H. Florensiensus, H. Neandertalis, and possibly others. But then that doesn't mean you aren't descended in part from all of those others also. When H. Sapiens started spreading around the world he took in an occasional outsider and still retains some of their genes.

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