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People are so quick to jump to conclusions. When I was a kid (say 18-21) I used a ploy to get rednecks to pick fights with me. I'd talk like a guy with a hare lip. You know, "Nyuh-nyu-nyuh", and all nasal. It didn't always work, I'm too big for most guys to want to fight. But a lot of "tough guys" fell for it, assuming anybody who talked like that must be feeble.

Don't always assume that anybody who "talks smart" IS smart.

Man, is this gonna be easy.

Hey, Neanderthal boy.

Notice you not chiming in when the discusion WAS all smart like.

So, one post talking to who you think is your girl and you come outta the cave with some weak?

You "used a ploy" to "get rednecks" to fight with you?

Tells us all we need to know.

Big guys have the advantage from the word go.

Well, except against me...but,

the very fact that you would use your size to...I dunno...tells me you got some serious issues, son.

Not to mention the fact you ain't said a damn thing about science, on a science forum that is, where I am literaly oozing fresh theory, with logic and humor and the highest fine art and oh my, your dumb azz is gonna come into MY THREAD and go "derr, I can change your flat tire"?

Hope that works out well for you.

In the mean time...

I kicked the [censored] outta a guy that had 60lbs. on me not two weaks ago.

Cause he lied and stole and swung first.

Fighting is a science first.

Mass times speed equals force.

I only weigh so much.

The only way I can hit harder is to move faster.

I've spent the last two decades training for speed.

What did you do yesterday tough guy?

What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?