but I'm used to that. And it does tend to keep things on track.


I can draw just fine, thank you. I can do paragraph after paragraph on the different Master's styles. And then I have my own.

Man, that was a long ways to go to keep folks from making fun of my simple drawings. So be it. Like I said, I've done this at some few sites and people are just friggin horrible. Or... just go back a page or few and find where Orac tried me in this thread. That was just ugly.

And what with the distractions...

I noticed in that Orac deal that the moderator yelled at me first when there I was, minding my own bidness going on and on and on about the universe and comes Orac saying sumpin stupid so he had to be punished. I got yelled at in my own thread for whatever, I ain't gonna go look, it was probably for beating people up that deserve it. That and I called him an Obama voter.


There we go, just alienated half of you.


So, original idea #7. Finding east/west is not the original idea. Sighting the sun with my sighting block when it the same number of degrees before/past high noon is. More accurate east/west.

As always, if you find someone that came up with the stuff I say is mine before I did lemme know. I'll either give credit where credit is due or claim that I happened to have the same good idea separately.

Didn't that happen with radio?
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?