This shall be a study of delicate recalcitrance.

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Hi, Marchy, welcome back.

Why thank you, dear, how kind of you to say.

Just stick to the topic

See, right there we have kind of a problem. I started with the universe, now we on pyramids. Pretty soon we gonna be on obelisks, then back to new stuff on the universe.

Here's my take, Ms. Rose II. This is a Marchimedes/teacher thread. I've a gazillion subjects to cover, some of them overlap, some of them don't, Rest assured, I shall always endvour to make a scientific theme that runs together. To space these themes out amoung different threads, that different forums is gonna confusify the reader let alone my own self. For intance, if I am going on and on and on about the universe and how it works, does not solar, galaxial, universal orbital mechanics all come into play together? Should I have to post hither and yon that they all obey the same physics?

and don't stray into the outer realms of believability too far.

Please to find me one instance where I have went beyond believablility.

No personal attacks,

Way I remember it Orac started in on me first, I finished it with extreame predjudice. In other words, I won going away. My only beef with you is that you yelled at me first when he swtarted it.

keep it polite and respectful of your audience and you'll be fine. I may not agree with what you say

Is there some rule here that states that a moderator can't debate a member?

but I will defend to the death your right to say it

Then we are kindred spirits.

as long as you are not being offensive or crude deliberately.

To be honest with you, I'm working very hard about that at this site.

Descend into the depths of personal remarks and you will incur my wrath which I'm sure you don't want to do.

Bah. I am admin at a interweb political debate forum where the members hate each other like poison and I'm in charge of keeping the peace. Worst you get is steady state or multidemnsional. Higgs or not to Higgs. I throw this at them...

Lady, you gots it easy.

Hope you have a good time.

Find me a Swinging Richard that has more fun than I!

Please be considerate.

All in all, I think I'm doing very well cents my last azz chewing. I am a Mighty US of A Army veteran. I can take an azz chewing without cracking a grin and stroll away skipping.

I am front and center, ma'am, message received, I am standing to.


1/24/16 - 291/539,204

Seven days later, right now...

1/31/16 - 347/545,171

That's 6k in a week.

If I stay on this, the rate of increase shall increase.

That's bank. Numbers don't lie.


Not so far now from new stuff. Then it's gonna start gettin interesting.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?