The Way I Would Do It.


That's what I call my pryamid construction theory. You do me see me say this is how it was done.

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Are archeologistest scientists or engineers?

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They are neither they are there own discipline. It is a study of history and yes they use bits of science as well.

So lots of disciplines use science (its in almost everything)

And here we are in a forum of General Science.

and depending on what you are asking different forums are more or less appropriate.

Done told you, I don't care you if think I have this or that in a more or less appropriate forum. I'm puttting all my science/engineering/handyman eggs in one basket. Easier for me to keep up with and according to the numbers I'm doing just fine.

Is this your entire beef? That I ain't putting my ideas where YOU think I should put them.

Lemme tell ya sumpin, pal, I'm an a American, I have freedom of speech which may or may not be a concept you are familiar with. It's called the 1st Amendment. Got a probelm with that? Check the 2nd Amendment. THose two go hand in hand.

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I really don't care. All I'm looking for if for my theory to be checked. I think I'm more betterer served by being checked by scientists AND engineers.

Go way back to the top, I told you your theory works from a science perspective.

Why thnk you, how kind of you to say.

See? Now we gettin somewhere.

However there is no evidence the Egyptians did that and I suspect there is a subtle reason.

We never got to discuss what I see as the historical problem, the insults were flying by then.

Have we just met? It's part of my schtick.

So let me give you what I see as an issue.

If they had been using water in intestines they would have quickly seen air pockets

So you scientists can't get air bubbles out of water levels. We handymen can.

and they would have work out very quickly what we now call a spirit level or a bubble level.

What materials would they have made such a thing out off and like you said to me, were is the evidence of this?

That we know the inventor of as it's a written record and the invention dates to exactly 1661.

That's abot 4,000 years too late.

My problem I see to your idea is the glaring and huge time gap before the appearance of the spirit level. It stands at a 4000+ years if they were playing with water in tubes in 2630BC.

So you don't know what a water level is. Turns out I have an image...

If an archeologist came to me with that story I would expect he would have to have proof because it seems a bit far fetched.

A water level made from intestines is far fetched. Rogar that.

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So just what is your problem? YOu don't like whiich forum I cose to put this thread in?

Secondly when I tried to work thru it you were inconsistent with things.

So let's hear it.

If you wanted a critique I gave you one .... the idea is sound but I suspect unlikely to have been used by the Egyptians.

One of the reasons we know so little as to how the pryamids were built is that there remains so little evidence. So why is it unlikely?

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As this thread has been in this forum cents 2007 you are a tad late with your complaint. You do understand there is more in this thread than pryamids, right?

Yes there is more and I am not asking you to stop posting for that very reason.

See? We are getting along spledidly.

All I am saying is current question you are asking at the moment is a bit out of the scope of the forum.


Ask a different question and we can probably help

Seen anything I've said that wouldn't work?

Seen anything that would work more betterer?

Apparently I am still a malcontent,

Get over where I post stuff and I'll take it back.

so I am over bothering with this trash.

Since this is Paul's favourite civilization and he is your best friend now, why don't you stop talking to me and get him to give you answers. That should be really interesting watching him get beyond the science is evil/bad and ate my god spam he puts out smile


Guaranteed to get at least 2 or 3 more spams from that .. watch laugh

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