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You must have Aspberger's Syndrome.

Yea, I'm pretty used to people trying to find a way to explain away my intelligence.

Generaly it comes from their lack of self esteem. A problem I don't seem to have.

Of course with your little suggeston there is that those who are afflicted thusly tend to do the opposite of me, namely seek out social contact.

I've been doing this little show for a while now, and haven't run into anything new in quite some time.

You are just another in the group of those who lash out cause you can't stand my attitude yet can't find any mistakes in my theory so you go to the "mental" well.

My favorite group are those that acknoweledge that I've managed to make learning fun, that I present science in a unique fashion.

Then there are all sorts of other groups.

I enjoy the ones who first try to tell me my stuff doesn't work and no one cares. So I challenge them to actually point out a flaw and direct them to the quickly growing views and replies, at which point if they are admin or moderators they close the thread and/or ban me so the numbers don't prove them wrong. What it must be like to fool yourself about the truth facinates me.

Oh so many other traits I've come across in "teacher's pyramid crusade and travelling menagerie". See, I have wrote down in my home site, buried in a place for members only, my plan, my predictions, because right away I realized that with my charming personality and humble disposition, coupled with an amazing theory that solves a 4500 year old mystery, topped of with a undescribable sence-o-humor, that I could do sumpin never seen before. And document it as I go.

You, Amaranth, simply go under the category "petulant", probably the largest group.

I also enjoy the folks who realize I know my stuff and ask me questions.

See, my prefered screenname is teacher.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?