What it is about being correct that is so wrong?

So, God's honest truth, my little political debate forum that I link ya'll to now and again, there's been a shake up there. Despite my constant advise and consul I ended up in charge. I can understand why, I've been a fair and just moderator for a decade, I guess I'm just the last man standing. I also have the most viewed thread there. I've a thread here. This thread. As I have been cross contaminating these threads cents forever I thought ya'll should know. It's called transparency.

We good?

So yea, I'm not a mod at that place and I just friggin love that, so I should just get on with it..




So, I watched a science thing the other day on TV and I'm thinking "they gonna go WMAP," and they went WMAP. Then all of a sudden was the question I should have been asking all along popping into my skull...

WMAP should be beyond us. How can we be measuring the temperature WMAP gives us right now?

I thought some right there and then (I swear, some thirty(30) seconds of thinking) and came up with a theoretical answer.

The good news is that my theoretical answer supports my ongoing theory as to why the universe appears to be expanding at an accelerating rate from our perspective. This is most cool. Lately I been thinking about the added variables of what the speed of gravity is and if the inflation theory is valid (leaning that way) and it is all coming to a very fine minds eye picture of the entire universe in my skull. In other words... yes.

Very difficult indeed to put all this into words and images that makes it simple. I'll get to it.

Must be decades I been thinking about the universe. I have trained my mind to think of space being infinite, the observable universe being far from that, the Milky Way being a speck, I mean, to be able to ponder any of this at all the sheer scale of it all needs be accepted, understood and be put to work.

The scale is working for me.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?