We used to make granite surfaces flat in exactly the same way as your optical grinding trick, Bill G.

In science we have precision optical granite benches and any precision machinist will have a granite surface plate and traditionally before the advent of surface grinders they were all built that way. It is now too slow to use the old manufacture technique.

We routinely use these surface plates which can be massive and they are flattened to laser precision and far beyond anything any Egyptian ever dreamed of.

There are millions of youtube videos from machining shops that will show you how and why they are used. You can probably also find the relapping and in situ calibration processes. Just use the search "granite surface plate" or just "surface plate".

Our Egyptian blocks aren't even in the same scale of flat of these sort of modern surface plates, so lets try and keep the claims to a realistic level. There pyramid blocks are pretty good for there time but they are nothing like modern surface plates.

So back to that thing we could easily build the pyramids many magnitudes better with modern science so what does it really matter how it was done aside from as a history footnote. If you look at the tolerances and size of the LHC it would be funny imagining in a few centuries from now people pondering how we built it.

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