So we have our road, and then easy enough to set the first level of the pyramid. The meat. Now comes getting them there blocks up there.

This is original idea #IV.

The switch back ramp. Told ya'll a few reasons why I ain't too fond of the big ramp theory. Another theory is the spiral ramp theory.

I gots that image from here...

That should satisfy the whole copy right/"I ain't stealing nuttin" deal.

I'll get into all the reasons I hate the spiral ramp theory but I'll do that in the day I dog

and Jean-Pierre Houdin.

That's gonna be an ugly day. But that day ain't today. Today we are talkin bout stuff that actually works.

Also, please to forgive me all the skipping around and going hither and yon. I'm a bit of a flake and am easily distracted. I distract myself more than anything and as I have to deal with myself pretty much on a 24/7/365 basis this is to be expected.

Beer, your sister... oh yea, pyramids.

The gray blocks are not part of the final pyramid. They are for construction purposes, as are the brown steps. When the pyramid is finished these shall be removed from top to bottom in the exact opposite order as they were originally placed. Remember the "no evidence" part?

I did the math one day and I can construct the pyramid (not counting the big blocks in the King's chamber and such) with 2020 construction blocks. Now, that leaves very little room to work, it's not near as safe but that was a flight of fancy. Consider that there is said to be some 2.3 million blocks in the pyramid and then 2020 is spit in the ocean. I haven't yet done the math as to how many blocks would be in my construction ramp but even if it is ten times as much it's still spit.

See? I got distracted, again.

This construction ramp is just like the switch back road with hairpin turns that goes up the side of a mountain except instead of digging into the mountain you add on to it from bottom up.

The setting of casing stones is gonna be a day or two in itself. The quarrying of stones another day. Finding level for the foundation, leveling the foundation, finding level in itself, finding north/south and east/west, moving blocks, making blocks turn corners, quarrying and moving of the big blocks, barges, The Mighty Nile, my lane theory, the worst job at the job site, who did the work, when, stuff I forget at this moment, it's all coming and it's all just as simple as it's been so far.

Any questions about was has been are encouraged. Questions about what is to come shall be summarily ignored. Not sure why I always say that, I hardly ever get questions.

And then the bragging. Full court press, provided the blocks don't let up being delivered I can build this is two years. I don't think it was done like that but that math was another flight.

I started coming up with this in 2002. Lots been posted all over the net. Most all is little red/black squares now what with what I explained. So, I'm kinda bored with this all. The draw for me is figuring the mystery in the first place and maybe posting it the first time.

Bonus. When the pyramid is built we gonna raise an obelisk. It's so simple.

Again, folks, I'm just a blue collar Joe with buku experience moving heavy with simple tools that took all that and applied it to pyramid construction.

Doesn't mean that I'm not a genius, though. I am.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?