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This site will not allow my log on unless I click on one of the moderators name's and then it asks me to log on, I do...

THEN it works.

How odd.

It's still doing that. If I try a normal log on, it takes me but as soon as I change pages or sumpin I'm logged back out. I have to click on a moderator, attempt to contact them and then it asks for a log in, do that and it sticks.

What is up with that?

Any way, when I check this place as a guest this thread is on the second page. That just won't do what with my obsession for attention and all.


The status. I was back here in July and then October and laid some down. Racked up about 40k views so thank ya'll very much. Still haven't drawn nuttin new, drawing again that which I've drawn before is so dreadfully boring, but I have to get off this second page fortunately I have some old as dirt obelisk drawings.

I guess there's enough pyramid building drawings here for ya'll to understand the moving and stacking of blocks basics so with that. Eh? What's all this then? Out of character for me I went and went over what I've posted the last go round. never went on and and on about the leveling sytem begun in post #54155. What is up with the numbering system here? Ya'll deleting stuff? Anyway, animal intestines for a water level. I have a drawing...

We all get that?

And now I have to draw sumpin, cents I'm here. Obelisks shall wait. Shame, I've some 40 or so obelisk drawing and I can stretch that out long time and acrue buku views in the process.

Anyway, near perfect leveling system 4000 years ago with a water level made from animal intestines. I guess human intestines would work too but I don't much go in for the Egyptians using throw away slaves to build this thing.

Now, the base of the pyramid must also be leveled before block #1 is placed. I've seen all kinds of theries on how to go about this, I'm not fond of any of them that I've seen. I think I have an original idea tally around here somehwere, lemme go see where I'm at...

I guess this would be original idea #ate.

Any questions? Really, check me on this. Of everything I've read about pyramid construction, and I've read a friggin lot, I've never seen this. Deceptivly simple, I say. I guess it takes a blue collar stupid genius like me to go "der, that works." I used to think I used to think I was incorrect or missed sumpin. I've long cents gotten over that. I guess too many highfalutin PHds thinking too much.

Could it be this simple?

Occam's razor.


Why all the silence with the "What is the mass of a photon?" I'm stupid, ain't I? I'm stupid and you are giving me more rope with which to hang myself with. You people are evil.

I had another thing about that, the mass of a photon, what was it?

Beer assistant, come hither!

Ah, the thinking juice gets the job done again.

If solar sails work would it not be the mass of the photons that make them do so?
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?