If it works then it's not a test. This is basic, real easy like. This is just like me getting a safe up onto a curb with rollers and crow bars as I did a thousand times. This is not magic, this is not voodoo, this is not Elvis calling the shots from the Mother ship.

pic host

To build a pyramid all one needs do is to be able to move and stack blocks. Get that figured and it's just a matter of logistics.

I have the logistics figured. Math is on my side. I can count to 21 in the shower.

Some ladies I've made my acquaintance with would say I can count to 21 and a half.

Move. Stack. Then, do just that a whole friggin bunch of times.

I gots your moving. I gots your stacking. Eh, and a couple other pesky things but then like I said, I'm blue collar.

Lemme ask you sumpin (and I may have said this before at this site, dern sure have said it at other sites)...

You know how Lincoln Logs are notched at the ends sos they fit together and makes it so there is no space between the meat of the logs?

Who was the first to figure that out?

A guy in the woods with an axe with winter coming on or some tweed jacketed, leather elbow patched, bifocaled, Oxford archeologist?

Necessity is the Mother of invention.

So I show up at a job site with a cube that weighs tons. It's got to go from down here to up there. There's no friggin crane, forklift, pallet jacks don't work on dirt.

Know how many times I got that job done?

None of you are more nerd than I am.

I doubt any of you have more calloused hands than I.

I been here cents May 27, 2007. Holy smokes, that's my first born, Sarah Rae's birthday. Not her first one. I been shopping this theory on the net cents 2002. See how I have almost a half a million views here? I have this all over the friggin place. I have an easy full million views on this theory, which I call twiwdi. The way I would do it. Notice I don't claim it was the way it was done.

I've never had anyone tell me this is incorrect. Scratch that. I've never had anyone ever tell me WHY it's incorrect. Saying "nuh-uh" don't count. I can't swing a dead cat without running into someone telling me it's incorrect.

Here's what I fancy is my biggest obstacle. I am not a papered man. I came outta high school and went straight into The Mighty US of A Army. Eh, I'm a patriot, wanted to serve. Served my term and went to work. So I been selling twiwdi nigh on 13 years now, just like I am now. Been told over and over and over again that "well, teacher/Marchimedes, you have to submit this in the proper form to the correct people in such and such a fashion." Screw all that. A good idea is a good idea.

The REAL problem is that I'm not a papered man and I have torn the bull theories away from many a papered man. I have taken away from men that have never moved weight their golden egg laying goose.

Just about every single stinkin documentary I've seen on pyramid construction begins with...

"Knowing what we know about the ancient Egyptians and what they had to work with there is no way they could have built the pyramids."

After I come to from passing out cause of the vehemence of my screaming obscenities at the TV I come type some more.

I'm doing this from grass roots.

The ancient Egyptians had rollers, they had levers, they had cribs, they had fulcrums.

That's all I friggin need. And I'm gonna show you how. And, it's free.

Any one got a problem with my getting a block up a 6" step yet?

Didn't think so.

Very simple, now that I've shown you, ain't it?

This is gonna be long. It's gonna be involved. It's gonna be simple. I've a dozen or so original ideas that after I've shown you you gonna go, "eh, that makes cents."

Then I'm gonna raise an obelisk.

Then we'll get back to the universe.

It's my thread, makes no mater what the title is, this thread is about me and what I think.


And then there's human nature.

The more I aggravate ya'll the more you will read me.

I now, it's been a couple of years cents I ben here. Please to allow me to reestablish the animosity.

I find it makes ya'll think more harderer in the attempt to find a flaw with my thinking.

Good luck with that.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?