These are all the old pyramid construction images I found. All are over decade old. By my standards these days they are horrible, but they start to get the job done. I can now, in MSPaint, draw 3d to scale, but, like I said, I'm lazy. Please to forgive the atrocious Queen's English, the out of order, the convolutedness of it all. I did not scan and put stuff in order, I just blazed with it. Still, that is a frigggin ton of work, I dare you to say I did not put some work/thought into this. As always, I'm looking for peer review. You see a mistake? Come guns a blazing. There's holes in this, I'm missing a lot of hard work. So, this would be 26 drawings spread over 5 posts. I don't have quarrying stones, I don't have moving big stones, I don't have the very involved details of manipulating heavy, I don't have the fabricating and setting of casing stones, I don't have logistics, I don't have labor force, there's buku I don't have. To be honest with you, I haven't put much thought into this for a decade. I can't imagine how much I've forgot. Ever heard the old saying "I've forgotten more than you'll ever know?" Tell ya what I do have... start at this link and go till you run outta drawings...

Bring the questions, bring the ideas, bring the insults. I take on all comers.

I understand I've some holes to fill in. No big deal. Remember, I moved safes for a friggin decade often with the same tools the ancient Egpytians had. I am the quintisential blue collar man. I can sand rust offa metal with the callouses on the palms on my hands.

I can't wait to get into the mindset of the workers.

Lemme say it again: I am the world's foremost authority on pyramid construction.


Please to excuse me, Ms. Rose II, for any untoward language in my images. Just lazy, no disrespect intended.


Now, who wants to raise an obelisk? No easy feat, that.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?