That isn't Science it's something for a handyman man forum

Originally Posted By: paul
funny how most of the so called scientist ideas form and are
discovered in handyman forums as the scientist don't
seem to have enough head on their shoulders and are so
afraid of trying anything new due to peer pressure so they
troll around looking for their next idea.

without the tinkerer and handyman types those who have the
skill and curiosity to discover new things the so called scientist types would never discover anything at all.

so this is the right place to discuss it , because the
trolls of science searching for new things to lay claim on don't hang around in these boring science forums.

I been using this one for years...

You know how logs are knotched at the ends to the middle of the logs fit snuggly?

Who do you think first thought of that? A guy in the woods with an axe with winter coming on or a tweed jacket wearing Oxford professor?
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?