this will not do.

Actually a lot in this one folks.

My bad if I've posted thin one before, but I think I haven't, I ain't gonna take the time to check cause I'm a busy and impotent man.

The top left image, the one with the different colored levels and all, well, I say if I'm building a pyramid using this method I can build this thing in two years. Assuming the blocks are quarried and staged at the ready.

Yea, I said that.

I do gotta thank you kids though, the views climb, and I've got this thing about the replies to views ratio. I say the greater the number of views to replies just friggin means that no one can find a flaw, but still this thread is worth reading. This here most glorious tread of mine at sceince a gog has the best ratio of all, and that makes this place my second favorite place. My favotire is a political forum, right here...

I'm sure you ain't interested in the world's foremost authority on pyramid construction's take on politics, but suffice it to say I rule there also. Better yet, now and again I come outta my shell there and say what I think.

But back to the moving and stacking of heavy blocks.

I haven't gone Obelisks here, have I? The raising of them that is.

That will be next, then some thoughts on Stonehenge.

I'm not done with you.

Not by a long shot.

PS. I link to here at other sites so don't think I'm just pimping for that site.

It's a two way street.

What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?