I'll be honest with you, I don't like this guy, this Orac. I say he's a malcontent, a bomb thrower, a naysayer, what some sites would call a troll. He brings nuttin to my thread, his posts are swill that have not been thought through. Many folks are of the mindset that one should just ignore trolls, don't feed them, but Marchimedes takes on all comers even though dealing with such nonsence sets back my busy and impotent work.

Originally Posted By: Orac
Call me a heretic but I haven't seen evidence of them sneaky Egyptians inventing the first hoses,

One of the things that has stymied mankind for thousands of years concerning how the pyramids may have been constructed is the total lack of evidence as to the construction methods. I say this was intended. Proprietary knowledge. If the Egyptians had told everyone how they were built, then everyone could build one and the pyramids would then lose their uniquness. Why would the use of intestine hoses be any different? Besides, intestines are not would you would call unbiodegraable.

especially since given the above they need to be at least semi transparent.

Looks pretty friggin semi transparent to me.

See what I mean by orac not thinking things through?

What were they using intestines all neatly stitched together?

Why would they need to be stiched together? To the google cave...

40 meters. Long enough for you? Plenty long for me.

I could buy the reverse process using a channel with water to establish a level and using a stick to measure up off it

Then where are all these channels at? Even if they were just using channels for the leveling of the pyramid base then they have to dig buku channels and level the stone down to the water level of the channel or use...

lookie there, a stick. A stick that doesn't require the extra work of digging a channel.

I take it, Orac, that you are not very handy around the house with tools. I bet you have trouble buttering toast.

but hey we all know the aliens built those pyramids smile

Oh look, a sence-o-humor. There's hope for you yet.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?