Yea, I gots more, and, gimme a break, a lot of this stuff is from sites where I really don't care who I insult. No, you guys are different, really. The nice thing is that you know how I work, so I'm not banned, yet.

Not sure how this works, as I refuse to read the rules, but I'm a moderator at a political forum, and there I link to places like this for bragging porposes, but the catch is that there only I get to link to competing sites, per an agreement, cause I bring it, and if there is one thing I know about forum owners, besides that they all are gay and are fond of barnyard animals, is that they like huge numbers, you know, numbers like mine, so I gets me some leeway.

So, in a sec here will be a link to a horrible political thread, numbers like this...

link to "...and the horse you rode in on"

Now, mods, admin and owners, this little deal is better for you than them, many more views and play there than here. In a sec I'll be linking to here.

It's how I go about doing bidness.

Anyone understand the 6" step method yet?

What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?