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My apologies, Marchimedes, Paul said that, not you. So, I'll ask him him if and when he reappears.

Incidentally, did you get around to checking out this?: -


I wasn't accusing you of doing that. You're one of the cool group I run into. Shame it's so seldom.

I'm at a bud's PC now and copying stuff from drive to drive so I don't wanna open a movie, but I just had a eureka moment looking at that site, you know how galaxies are "clustered"? Or they call them super clusters, right?

My theory can kinda explain that haphazard arrangment. I haven't drawn or explained it yet, but it's in here, (points to skull).

Yea red, I really think I've got this pegged, and it's so simple.

Gonna be hell to explain though. And got some guys giving me a hardtime about Stonehenge and that ALWAYS distracts me when someone thinks they know how to move heavy stuff with primative tools better than me. They think about it, I did it for a living.

I just got banned again at my main site. That's the fifth time. So I'm planning some revenge.

Nuttin going on here much yet, but this is my site...


And please don't ever apologize to me. Makes me appear weak and needy. I dish it out far to much for that.

What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?