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Nice one Marchimedes.

Why thankee. I just got yelled at on another forum for posting pictures, and deleted..."this is a forum of words..." so I went and posted my all text pyramid theory.

It's a science forum, without a sence-o-humor. I like this site though.

I'm kinda a travelling troll/spammer.

Though I post solid content, so it's on them really. I post content and they don't like the attitude and proclaim me "troll' and ban me.

One was about gravitational attraction over various distances. There's a law of classical physics about that:

It's called Newton's Inverse Square Law. On your drawing it means that at

I heard of that. It's in a sci-fi book I'm reading.

(2) the gravitational attraction is 1/(2^2) of the gravitional attraction at (1) - that's a quarter

(3) the gravitational attraction is 1/(3^2) of the gravitional attraction at (1) - that's a ninth

(4) the gravitational attraction is 1/(4^2) of the gravitional attraction at (1) - that's a sixteenth

The pull decreases exponentialy with distance?

The speed of gravity is c (the speed of light). It's normally referred to as the speed at which gravity propagates, but it still means the same thing

And how do we know this? See, I been asking the speed of gravity question long time now. Kinda hard to determine with evertthing in place. Perhaps by measuring the orbit of a body as a commet from out there comes close?

So, if by some trick the sun was removed to a parallel universe, the Earth would still continue in its orbit for about 8 minutes, then it would shoot off at a tangent. At the same moment, we would see the sun disappear. Meanwhile, Mars would continue in its orbital path for another 4 minutes. Then it too would shoot off. Jupiter would continue to orbit the non-existent sun for another half hour!

So gravity is a wave? A particle? Both? Niether? Voodoo? Hypmotism?


Not really ready yet, but the fun will commence there soon.
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