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How does that Aesop's Fable apply to me?

I can't imagine smile

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Yea, the Egyptians were top down total authoritarians.

Yep and the guys at the tops were Gods and could do anything they wanted. They had massive brains and ego as well and strangely they remind me of someone.

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They built some mighty structures will simple tools.

I can think of some equally impressive structures in USA, start with the US Capitol Building and White House. Not bad work for a group of Afro-American slaves with little education and probably getting regular floggings and sexual abuse. Really not bad workmanship, I think I would have been tempted to do a shoddy job and hoped it fell on the people inside.

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Nice chat, comrade. (Can you take that joke yet?)

You are ex American Army so do you get this joke?

Nice chatting, American Imperialist Facist Oppressor (Can you take that joke yet?).

I left off the various war crime atrocities I could have used in the description in good taste.

You have fought against an enemy, I am surprised you thought it would be funny. Perhaps you were just a cook in the army.

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For sure English ain't your first language, but you are doing well. Sprechen sie Deutch?

Ein Freund ging nach Amerika

Good luck with the Politics and Pyramids, Mach smile

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