An engineer is a practitioner of engineering, concerned with applying scientific knowledge,

Scientists only deal with the discovery they don't deal with the application that is what an ENGINEER doe

it appears to me that Marchimedes is dealing with the
discovery of how the pyramids were constructed and I doubt
that he will be building a pyramid ... so he wont be
applying his discoveries just trying to discover how the
pyramids were constructed.

you on the other hand offer him the common everyday
grade school lip service that you were taught as a child
and still are.

I understand both science and engineering so I can understand
why you are having troubles comprehending how work is applied
in construction techniques that you don't understand and probably never will.

were not trying to get you orac , you do that yourself on
a daily basis ... anyone who reads this forum fully understands
that you are a repeater of discoveries not a discoverer.

and I fully understand that because of your social contacts
you cannot stray from what you have been taught until consensus
deems that a change is necessary.

so even though I do call you dummer than dirt a lot
its mostly to get your goat or pull your chain.

to me its really dumb to settle for things I am told to be
the truth when I know that those things are false or could
be done in other more feasible or economical ways to produce the same result.

and the reason why scientist never did really accomplish
anything is because they adhere to the things they were
taught without questioning those things or doing what
marchimedes or myself do.

so todays scientist are stuck in the predominant fantasy realms of modern science , they cannot discover new things anymore due to their adherence in fantasy .

personally Im glad that we did have scientist in the past
that were not afraid of the social disconnect that is the
result of doing things differently from the way they were taught or we would still be in the dark ages or living in
caves if all of histories inventors and discoverers were like modern day scientist are today.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.