Like I care.

Seen these most recent posts of mine? All sober. I have tomorrow off. Guess what?

I always ask/point this out. I ain't no stinkin drunk, I'm a binge drinker. Last time was Jan 21. I think. What do I know? I was drunk. First indication with me is that I tend to go on and on and on.

And on.

12/21/15 "What is the mass of a photon?" Completely hammered.

12/22? Sober. Drinking two(2) days in a row is death.

Well, I appreciate all the sudden posts in this thread. Bothers me not that it staves off the posting of theory. I am Marchimedes and I take on all comers.

I should take on all posts in the order that they come but one phrase gets my attention...

Originally Posted By: paul
frickin assholes.

This is allowed here? It's not like I'm narcing you out here, paul, it's there for all to see. Thing is, I'm admin at a political debate forum with hardly any rules. I'm a nasty piece of work. Left and right both, they fear me. To those idiots my behavior here would be unrecognizable.

I'm confusified as to the rules. Please to for to clarify these things for me. No, I ain't gonna change my behavior here, at worse I would...

I like this site. I try not to screw my stay here up.

Now, remember back at the beginning of this post me saying sumpin about me going on and on and on when I've gotten to drinkin?

Ya'll savvy yet?


So now I have to go deal with the wheel.


Not only am I the smartest man alive I am also the world's foremost authority on pyramid construction.

I have the patience of Job.

I am far from done with dealing with pyramids.

Then comes obelisks.


Then, the thread title. I took that up long ago. That's correct, expanding univerce.

Anybody see this, my thread, slowing down any time soon?


A question I also ask at my political site: Who has more fun with all this than I?

Gotta love what you do, man. This is my hobby. Imagine what I am like with real life and my work?


So who is the next victim?
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?