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Im a little curious , does your browser have the ability to do a search?

LOL do you not read stuff, Machemedes has screen shoted and linked what comes up when you do. Let me take the liberty of just pulling the image and not put it on a link

So an internet search will yield the first few links clearly say they didn't have the wheel.

Sometimes you need to bother to read things and not just argue or try to score points because it's me.

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do you require empirical evidence?

Yes I always require empirical evidence it's what I do and the example above is why smile

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how about a chariot found inside Tutankhamun's tomb?

That would be empirical evidence which contradicts the search results.

Wikipedia under Ancient Egyptian Technology also disagrees with itself on the main Egyptian page that they didn't have the wheel and says this

Originally Posted By: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_Egyptian_technology
Evidence indicates that Egyptians made use of potter's wheels in the manufacturing of pottery from as early as the 4th Dynasty. Chariots, however, are only believed to have been introduced by the invasion of the Hyksos in the Second Intermediate period; during the New Kingdom era, chariotry became central to Egypt's military.

My suspicion is the pottery wheel dates even earlier based on my peoples history but I guess they have no direct evidence.

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