(((( refute established science ))))

Thank you ... thats me!!!!!
Thats what I do...BEST.

you speak of my opinions as if they were against some type of
main stream dogma.


have you filmed the matterlesss energy?
do you have a sample of this theoretical belief of yours?
does established science have a example?

NO its ALL conjecture isnt it?

you may want to use our galaxies black hole for your example of a local occurance as the hole spews out energy.

but I hold that even though the center of the galaxy is extremely dense (((( everything )))) that has ever entered it is still there except its energy.

now since you cant show me a feasible example then WHAT you speak of is THEORY or CONJECTURE be it yours or thousands of others combined personal thoughts.

I have a brain that processes thoughts and you do to.
should I ever lease part of that brain out to CONJECTURE and tell my brain that this is the way things happen then I might start beleving that a 757 aircraft could actually fit through a double door size hole.

or that (1) of those engines (6 ton )
delivering a impact force of 9.3 million pounds
could not punch a hole in the pentagon.

I might even start to believe that some strange mystical occurance just made them vanish into thin air.

WOOOOOOSH.....POOF ... woops ...

maybe this would be a good example of how matter is converted into energy for you to use.

although almost none of the aircraft survived the conversion, every single passenger survived enought to be identified.

so perhaps people cannot be totally converted into energy the way that 757 was.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.