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what is the difference between a block rolling on several
logs and a block rolling on several wheels?

The pyramid blocks were heavy, I don't see these wheels...

holding up to 70 tons like these wheels would...

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same materials , you just don't need to have people
picking up the log at the back after the block has
rolled over it and bring it to the front.

they probably figured that one out also...

I can't say for sure if they had that fugured out. However, I do...


I don't ride horses, too expensive.

I don't sail yachts for the same reason.

and theres plenty of evidence that the Egyptians
had wheels.


Yea, a thousand years after the big pyramids were built. They had pottery wheels but turn them on their side and see how long they hold up to tons of weight.

could these mysterious artifacts have been used as a form
to build wheels on in ancient Egypt?

What are they dated at and to me they look more like cogs. What material would they be forms for? Copper?

maybe they really were sacrificial basins like is
mentioned on the image , that is the type of incomp
intelligence I would expect from a modern up to date by the book by the mainstream expectations archeologist

Dirt sifters, that's what I call them.

or were they simply salad bowls?

More likely that than cereal bowls...

What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?