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I guess your talking about the big bang.

as in any explosion there would be differences in the magnatude of the force that caused all the stuff to move outward , so no everything would not move at the same speed.'

I would think that the first stuff moved slower because there was more for the explosion to push.

the middle would have moved faster.

the last stuff would move even faster.

sort of an inverted ball.

A good model, provided you remove the concept of explosion. You see, if the speeds were like that you mentioned, then the universe would always be uniform, only that there should be a correlation between the speed and the distance from the centre of the universe (in this model the universe would be spherical, and so will have a centre). If the internal energies of the bodies are proportional to their speeds, ie, the speed-internal energy is same for all at any given time, then the expansion can be regarded as a thermodynamic change involving speed and internal energy. that is there is no need of an explosion.