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Bah, numbers, math, don't amount to a hill of beans with my space theories. Don't need all that for my explanation.

Uh. Trying to overthrow physics, without math.
Great, lets see how this works out laugh

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Really, I'm going with at this point that the expansion is actually stopping, the interior of the matter buble is slowing down faster than the exterior becasue of te gravitaional pull of the matter on the opposite side of the buble.

I maybe mistaken, but wasn't there something about: no gravitational pull inside a sphere?
Assuming your "bubble" is more or less spherical, the "pull of the matter on the opposite side of the bubble" would be of the same strength as the matter on this side of the bubble. Of course on the other side of the bubble is more matter, but this side of the bubble is not so far away. I guess Newton calculated that inside a spherical body the gravitational pull of the surrounding walls are canceling each other out, not only in the center of the sphere but also on every other point!
But that's done with numbers....