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Isn't a real big LA supposed to be done about right now over in Europe? Cern? Lecern or sumpin?

That's right. LHC. http://www.lhc.ac.uk/about-the-lhc.html

Interesting trivia:

"This accelerator will generate vast quantities of computer data, which CERN will stream to laboratories around the world for distributed processing (the GRID technology). In April 2005, a trial successfully streamed 600MB per second to seven different sites across the world. If all the data generated by the LHC is to be analysed, then scientists must achieve 1,800MB per second before 2007."

That's what you call broadband!

There are some great hi-res mpg downloads here:

"Supercomputer simulations probe the formation of galaxies and quasars in the universe" http://www.mpa-garching.mpg.de/galform/press/
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