Unless someone can give me a nice hint about this site resizing stuff I've some work ahead of me busting up my images into smaller images sos that you can read them easily.

And that's fine. I ain't afeared of no stinkin work, after all, I'm a blue collar, all American boy.

I gots to say, I've missed this place. Been two years. I showed up tonight to find this thread page ten and a hundred or so thousand plus views advanced.

Time to get busy and get myself some real views. Pad the lead.



Oh yea, the universe.

I'm still not buying dark energy.

I'm still looking for the speed of gravity.

I'm liking inflation theory more than ever.

I still need the distribution and distances of all the Cepheid variable stars. I am truly thinking in 3d but this data may make or break my thinking.

Little help?


Also, I found this tonight by googling "Scienceagogo Marchimedes."

I can't quite seem to get to it while I'm logged on. It's from a long time ago. It's Revlking asking...

"May I ask: Who is Marchimedes? Who is he? And what was his topic?"

To which KirbyGillis answers...

"Hi Rev.

Pleased to meet you. I’ve read a lot of your posts and you are probably my favorite deist.

“May I ask: Who is Marchimedes?”

Marchimedes is a current member who started a thread entitled “The universes expansion acceleration solved”.

“Who is he?”

Like all of us here, he is text on an HTML page. However, his presentation style is unique, entertaining and initially, a ”punch in the face”. But he is much more than the “Don Rickles” of SAGG. In time, most learn that he is clever, resourceful, genuinely curious and a nice guy.

He presented a unique and controversial idea that gravity is the root cause of the universe’s expansion and acceleration.

When the smoke cleared; that thread became the most viewed of all the science related sections. However, as it turns out; it is fifth overall because there are 4 other threads with more views and they are all on NQS.

It is this thread that has the most views and replies."


Never saw that one. Better late than never...

Why thank you, Mr. Gillis, how kind of you to say.


You have to admit, folks, Mr. Gillis has my number.


Smoke ain't cleared quite yet, baby, it's round #2.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?