OK...then lets be fair about it heres a drawing that
proves how the ancient Indians traveled amongst the galaxies.

its a drawing so its proof.
no solid evidence needed , just someone in the past with
an imagination and some water colors.

Paul, I showed a picture created by the ancient Egyptians that shows them moving a massive stone object on a wheelless sledge drawn by humans.

the picture that you showed was a reconstruction of the actual
drawings inside the tomb ... what I showed was the WHOLE reconstructed image along with pictures of the actual wall

You refuse to accept the evidence that that was a technique they used.

a drawing on a wall is not evidence now is it.

evidence would be the statue that hasn't been found or
the sleds that were depicted and ropes they used.

anyone can draw anything on a wall , just like the helicopter
and the yatch and spaceship and hovercraft that I posted a actual picture of that is a actual carving on a actual Egyptian wall.

whats the difference between what I posted and what you posted?

But you argue for a technique for which there is no evidence.

then where is the evidence that you haven't yet shown that
could be used as evidence.

or do you want me to believe that all ancient drawings are
of actual events and physical objects and can be used as
evidence , lets see how about folklore and ancients writings
can all of these also be used as evidence?

If you are so sure they did it with wheels and animals why don't you show us a picture that shows them using wheels and animals? Maybe because there aren't any?

Im not so sure , not at all ... there is no evidence to be
sure about.

I think that our viewers can now see that you really don't know what you are talking about, so I think that that is as far as I need to go on this thread.

Im not sure why you would say that , you certainly haven't presented any believable evidence that ropes were used.

if you have then I have presented evidence that they had
helicopters , yatchs , spaceships and hovercraft now haven't I?

broad statements that have absolutely no evidence to
support them seem to be a integral part of modern science.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.