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and yet E=MC^2 they can not falsify.

the equation itself is false.

because C is false.

why would we need to falsify a falsification when it in itself
is false.

C is currently under the fantasy science protection program
and is the reason that fantasy science claims that space is
expanding and carrying the galaxies along with space as space expands.

because the galaxies are actually moving faster than light speed
and the fantasy science protection program is protecting C
even at the cost of science being the focus of ridicule due
to its protection of C .

But then take some light, it has a certain amount of mass, right? This light is getting close to a black hole so is light, which oddly enough is already travelling at the speed of, wait for it, light, totally unaffected by gravity?

Well, I would say not because of Einstein's experiments on gravitational lensing proved it is during a eclipse so very long ago.

Seems to me then that our light travelling at c is affected, however minutely, will speed up and ANY increase in speed on light automatically breaks the so-called speed of light barrier.

See? No links, no graphs, tables, formulas, charts, nuttin.

Just all me and my colossal brain, baby.

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