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heres a little evidence that shows that the Egyptians used high tech tools

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There is an old and well established method of making flat surfaces.

I'm gonna skip over these posts as I am in the process of coming up with methods to do these things on my own, simple blue collar ways using what we know the Egyptians had at hand. I find when I get to reading these things it's pollutes my simple thought process.

I have ideas on all these things but whenever I start to draw them up I come up with more stuff so I have to mull it all over in my idiot savant skull meat. I'm at the same place concerning the fabrication and placement of the casing stones. Also, I'm very lazy, not too ambitious, easily distracted and I figure I have yet decades to live and finish this up.

It doesn't help none that today is football day.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?